Background to Barossa Infrastructure Ltd (BIL)

Barossa Infrastructure Ltd (BIL) is an unlisted public company which supplies 7,000 to 8,000 Megalitres per annum of supplementary irrigation water to viticulture in the Barossa Valley.

SA Water provides the connection to the Warren Reservoir, supplemented with water supplied via the Mannum Adelaide Pipeline and Warren Transfer Main, from the River Murray.

SA Water is provided with irrigation water rights sourced from the River Murray for the amount of water supplied to Barossa Infrastructure.

This water comes from Water Access Entitlements either purchased or in the form of long term leases and annual Water Allocations purchased on the market.


Barossa Infrastructure Ltd (BIL)

BIL’s customers are the shareholders in proportion to their contracted volume. The scheme cost in 2000 was approximately $30 million, funded about 1/3 by shares and 2/3 by a long term bank loan. Current debt is about $2.8 million.

In addition to usage charges, shown on the reports page, customers pay an annual infrastructure levy.

There was no Government funding although considerable assistance was provided in negotiation of the necessary permits for the scheme.


 Annual Report 2014 available    -     Click for Annual report 


Have You Recently Purchased a Property with BIL Water?

If you have recently purchased a property with BIL water it is most important you find out about the scheme and how to maximise the benefits.

  1. Ensure you complete the transfer documents correctly by contacting the office Wednesdays to Fridays, 9am to 4pm, to obtain copies of the Contract assignment and share transfer forms.
  2. Let BIL know who you are and how to contact you by completing a customer information sheet.  here
  3. Ensure the water meter is read at settlement and responsibilities for accounts assigned.
  4. If you are still unsure of how the scheme works after reading the information on the site make an appointment and come in and discuss your questions.



Thank you to all those who have paid their deposits. The target amount has been reached.  The scheme expansion is on program and we are now waiting on the final price to be confirmed.  It is planned for water to be available from 1 October 2015.

There still is a likely to be an opportunity to further expand the scheme over the next few years.  This will mainly be Off Peak water.

If you are interested but have not registered your interest please use the link below for full information.



Please Click Here



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Latest News - Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

To report service disruptions or leaks please contact either Steve on 0418 845 738 or Paul on 0407 901 651. For any information please contact the BIIL office.
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